We welcome you as a seeker.
We are delighted to meet you and to share thoughts about the ancient traditions of pre-Socratic Greece and many aspects of the Hermetic teachings.  By returning to these ancient records we feel that there is still much to be found hidden beneath many sources.  As an Order of free-minded Initiates we consider everything to be the manifestation of the Divine Mind of God.  We believe that this secret is not beyond the reach of human beings if certain disciplines are maintained.

It is necessary to prepare ourselves to empathise with higher vibrations, to free ourselves from the many preconceived ideas in religious thought; and accept the dynamic manifestation of the Elements in our lives and in the Cosmos.  The power of Thought is a life force that helps us to prepare for a different life altogether and there are signs that this is happening today.  We do not have all the answers and some of our ideas are radical.  Why not spend some time and investigate with us some of the symbols we are discovering and how we interpret them.

The Rose
The Golden Rose